Saturday, December 15, 2012

It seems like SIMGo at Charlotte NC was so long ago.  The memory of the Lord confirming our call to South Sudan with such clarity, now seems to have been buried in the day to day business.  After SIMGo there was Thanksgiving and immediately following I (Deane) was sent to New York City with the Red Cross to work on hurricane Sandy.  Ruth had her semester of school to finish and of course work.

We have been reminded of where our focus should be lately, so here I am with new life pushing forward to begin the process that is going to teach us to walk in faith in the midst of the seemingly insurmountable task before us and the daily disasters that go on around us.
We have begun building a Prayer Team.  We need so many more though!  Please ask friends, churches, anyone willing to pray for us and give us their email so we can communicate specific needs on a regular basis.
Ruth has only one more semester and she will be done with her Associate Degree in Business Management.  She recently received her Microsoft Certification in Excell!  Deane is continuing with Red Cross and learning more all the time.  My time in New York was spent working with FEMA and local organizations to begin developing a long term recovery plan.
Very soon we are going to begin setting dates to do presentations to groups and individuals in our area and just about anywhere we can.  So if you would be willing to put together a small group or a large group that would be interested in hearing about our ministry in South Sudan please give us a call and we can set that up.  We may be calling you.
Deane and Ruth Valkenaar