Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Knowing God

To Know Him And Him Only

As we have gone through this process of preparation to leave the good old USA and move to a place that we have never been, but are called by God to go we have had to review so many things in our life and what we value. The Bible tells us, "where your treasure is there your heart will be also". Treasure can come in so many forms besides money, gold and jewels. Treasure can be homes, jobs, lifestyle of just comfort.  I have always found great truth in the words of a song Me and Bobby McGee Freedoms just another word for nothin left to lose". You are never truly free so long as you have treasure in this world. In this world there is decay, thieves, and all kinds of things that will try to take your treasure. In order to prevent you losing all your treasure you must be vigilant, watching for any one or any thing that might threaten your treasure. Unfortunately when to make the attempt to keep some people away, you can keep all people away.

This is not the way we were designed to live. Relationships are what we were created for. Relationships with each other, but more importantly, relationship with our creator and father. We have had to look at this relationship and assign a value to it in our lives. This has been a very enlightening experience. While I think it would be possible to do this without actual circumstances that threaten your earthly treasure, I am not sure the experience would be as real. How do you reach the point that is expressed in Philippians 3:10 All I want is to know Christ and the power that raised Him from death. I want to share in His sufferings and be like Him, even in His death.

The more I know about Christ, the more I realize that He is so much bigger, complex, eternal, and wonderful than my mind can grasp. I can spend my entire life trying to know Him, understand Him, and still not begin to grasp who He really is and how He works. The idea of a completely sovereign God is so hard to grasp. To often we want hold His actions in judgement, as if it it is us who actually knows best and can see into eternity.

I pray that every day He will show me more of Himself and my trust will grow to the point that I can say with all assurance All I want, ALL I WANT is to know Him and the power that raised Him from the dead.  It is then I will be rich beyond everything that I might possess here on earth