Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It Is All Part Of The Plan

Would a loving father bring hardship and frustration into the life of his child?  As I reflected on this question I thought of the many things that had transpired in my own life that had caused me to be unhappy and frustrated.

I was never a fan of school and found it frustrating and at times degrading due to interactions with the other children who were experiencing the same thing and decided to lash out in their own frustration. I think of the many times I went to the doctor for everything from vaccinations to surgery for one thing or another.  This does not even begin to the things that I caused to come into my life due to my own stupid choices and brought the need for correction.

All this being said I think the idea that a loving father may at times bring hardship and even pain into the life of his child for the purpose of a greater good.

So why do we have such a hard time believing that God, our heavenly Father would do less?  If we as fathers know how to give good things to our children would our heavenly Father do any less?

We have many things going on in our life right now that many people would consider bad.  However if I truly believe that God is in control of everything that happens and nothing takes Him by surprise, then is He not going use every one of these situations for good?  And if He is going to use every one for good, should I not be looking for that good and not be blaming one another, or life, or the devil?

I guess what might be really important is my reaction to the circumstances that are swirling around me.  Will I be overwhelmed with the storm of life that rages and threatens me or do I rest in my Father who has every situation under His control?

If I can hold onto the fact that there is nothing happening that is not part of my loving Father's plan, then I can rest in Him and be able to walk on the waves.